Latino Arts & Cultural Institute


Welcome to LACI Network:

The first Professional Network for Dancers and cultural non-profit organizations dedicated to enriching and educating the vibrant Latino Culture. Our platform is a dynamic hub for professionals and leaders fostering growth, collaboration, and celebration within the dance and cultural arts community.

About Us

At LACI: Network, we understand the importance of preserving and promoting the richness of Latino Culture through dance. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive platform that empowers dancers and cultural non-profit organizations by offering professional development, exclusive events, networking opportunities, coaching, and access to lucrative contract opportunities. 


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What Sets Us Apart

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Professional Development

Unlock your full potential with our curated professional development programs. From skill-building workshops to industry insights, we are committed to advancing your career in the world of dance and cultural expression.

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Exclusive Events

Immerse yourself in a world of cultural celebration through our exclusive events. From festivals to showcases, LACI: Network brings together the finest talents and organizations to create unforgettable experiences.

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Networking Opportunities

Connect with like-minded professionals, choreographers, educators, and organizations who share your passion for Latino Culture. Our network facilitates meaningful connections, opening doors to collaborative opportunities and partnerships.

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Gain valuable insights and personalized guidance from seasoned professionals. Our coaching services are designed to help you refine your skills, overcome challenges, and excel in your artistic journey.

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Program Development

LACI: Network partners with reputable organizations and professionals to make your exciting projects, programs, performances, and collaborations a reality. 

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Job Opportunities

Access a curated list of paid job opportunities, performances, and collaborations that align with your skills and artistic vision. From performances to collaborations, we bridge the gap between talent and opportunity.

Become a Member

Whether you are a seasoned performer, a dedicated instructor, or a cultural non-profit organization, LACI: Network is your gateway to a thriving community dedicated to the Latino Culture. Embrace the opportunity to elevate your career, make meaningful connections, and contribute to the preservation and promotion of our Culture.